Our philosophy


Our funders are reputable, specialty alternative funders who have expertise in weighing in special situation risks. 

Our promoters have years of experience in their market and can attest to their abilities to get their planning and appeals through. 

We also work with a number of seasoned professionals in planning law, accounting, business development among others, making our ecosystem attractive to all our counter-parties. 


Our process of getting through the deals in the pipeline is streamlined and transparent which many of our clients value. 

We are also well-positioned to bring in experts in all areas concerning planning, funding, insurance, and other consulting parts of the planning application process. 

Fair Prices

Current market for planning application approval process for the land promoters can be cost prohibitive and margin crunching. 

Our fair pricing principles ensure that all parties are remunerated fairly in the case that planning is successful and that downside is protected if it is unsuccessful. 

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