Timeline of engagement

Operational efficiency is important to us and we aim to deliver a transparent and efficient experience to our clients under all circumstances. A rough timeline from the initial discussion to funding could be 1-2 months depending on the complexity of the project. We stay close to your project once it's been funded to make sure we understand the progress and work with Team partnership for your downside protection. 

Initial discussion

We will discuss with you your requirements, site, and details around the site, plan, sales strategy, and match you to a funder with a similar risk profile.

Due Diligence

Once the matching is done, we start the due diligence process to ensure we have all your information for the funder to be comfortable. This process could take 5-20 working days depending on the scale of the project. 

Funding / Monitoring

We then get the facility up and running and touch base with you on a regular basis to discuss any questions around invoices and costs. We work with Team Partnership to ensure all outcomes of the planning application is covered. 

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